Thursday, June 11, 2009

Swap Meet

An informal gathering for the barter or sale of used articles

Last couple of Sundays, I decided to check out the swap meet culture in Perth... my mum swears by it and has brought back several items from swap meets she's been to all over Perth... she's brought back coffee tables, clothes and dinnerware sets!

So how many swap meets are there in Perth? So far... I have discovered:

1. Melville Markets, on the Coles carpark
- corner of Stock Road and Canning Highway
* Mainly clothes (some really nice funky selection), plants and really odd stuffs!

2. Belmont Markets, on the Belmont Forum carpark
- 227 Belmont Avenue, Cloverdale
* The biggest in Perth, basically ANYTHING you can think of from clothes, toys, plants to cabinets and lawnmowers!!! You'd be spoiled for choices!

3. Kardinya Markets, on the Kardinya Park
- corner of North Lake Road and South Street

4. Karrinyup Shopping Centre carpark

5. Whitfords Shopping Centre carpark

6. Morley Galleria underground carpark

I haven't checked out the last 4 places, but I'll get there some day... when its a little less cold!

I decided to actually set up my own little stall at Melville markets last Sunday to see if I could get rid of many of my impulse shopping clothing and items I just grew out of!

A happy customer!

The little boy who bought my sister's soft toy really made my day... he was soooo cute!

All in all I made a 'profit' of $133.60 that day, I took up two car bays and they cost $10 each. At Belmont, one car bay costs $8 and $5 dollars every subsequent car bay and Morley (my friend was at that swap meet whilst I was at Melville) paid $7 for a car bay... All the monies paid are collected by the Rotary Club of the council and put towards charity! To enter the swap meet, it is advisable to give a gold coin donation :-)

Tips for bargain hunters
* IF you see something you reallllly like and its cheap, GET IT!
* But if you have mixed feelings, walk around the whole place first, there are just sooo many items out there!
* Remember to bargain if you think the price is unreasonable, I mean... if you're paying 10 dollars for a Supre dress at a swap meet, you're OBVIOUSLY getting RIPPED OFF!

Tips for future stall holders
* To get a good spot you actually need to be there at 5am!!! Many of these stall holders are regulars and they come the night before and park their cars there! IF you wouldn't mind taking the risk, you can do that too... I couldn't bring myself to parking my car overnight! Some of the stallholders actually slept in their cars/vans!
* Price/tag all your items before hand to prevent a swarm of people asking you how much things are!
* If you're planning to hang your items on hangers, do so at home, it saves time and saves your fingers from getting too cold!
* Bring a friend or a book with you, at quiet times, it gets quite boring!
* Definitely KEEP WARM but don't forget a hat! It gets sunny too!
* In the early morning, a whole swarm of other stall holders will come and inspect your goods, don't be afraid. Stand your ground! :-)

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